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SEO Services !!!

Search Engine Optimisation & Submission

Increased traffic means greater exposure, more hits, expanded clientele, more sales, greater profits, and an immediate return on your investment - your internet marketing investment will continue to pay off in new customer acquisitions with impressive results!

The use of search engine optimization and its promotion helps a web site to be found through a wide range of Internet search engines (Google, MSN, etc). The search engines of the Internet are becoming one of the most significant areas to place your company branding to local, national and international markets as it opens sale opportunities for the majority of businesses, new trading opportunities for the suppliers. This literally speeds up your business proceedings, not only traders but also search engines helps millions of shoppers.

It is vital that your website acquire and maintain its status in ranking on top search engines across the world. A powerful combination of search engine optimization and web design will bring your company successful online marketing results. Whether you are a large corporation or a small business, WEB MATRIX will optimize and promote your company and keep it cost effective for you. We understand how important your Internet search engine presence is and we will develop, design and brand your image on the search engines. Your site will be submitted to over 1000 search engines of the Internet on monthly basis. Our SEO department will plan the proper Meta tags and key words to optimize your search engine rankings. Now your target audience can find you!

Our SEO Services include:

.  Keyword Research Analysis
.  High Ranking
.  Search Engine Copywriting
.  Website / Content Optimisation
.  Search Engine Submission
.  Link Popularity Research
.  Website Traffic Analytics / ROI Tracking
.  Pay For Performance Monthly Maintenance
.  Monthly post-optimisation ranking reports
.  Opt-in Email Marketing

SEO is helpful to the customer in the following ways:

. Brand visibility - Creating a direct route for your customers to find you, bypassing brand noise, spammer, and intermediaries. Search engine optimization helps companies and organization to increase its brand and company identity.
. Increased customer visits - By creating and maintaining Natural Internet Search visibility throughout your customers' buying cycle.
. Accountability - Detailed proposal covering all aspects of approach web design, search engine optimization, search engine submission and technical implementation.
. ROI tracking - Combined with Aperture, our Natural Internet Search can be tracked end-to-end.
. Tailor made coverage - you choose your search engines; we build an optimisation strategy to suit your Internet needs

At WEB MATRIX, we enable you to choose a suitable approach. It covers a variety of aspects of search (Search Engine optimization, Search engine submission and Advanced Search Engine Optimization, Advanced Search engine submission), including tender and strategy development.

. A direct route into utilizing our combined natural and paid search team experience
. Identification of search opportunities available to marketing your website
. Analysis of barriers blocking your website's natural Internet search performance
. Insight into advanced Internet search marketing strategies
. An independent view on how to procure and manage the SEM tendering process

Website content Optimization:

By taking the time to understand your search engine goals, and your customers, we create SEO content that:

. Is compatible with search engines and your target audience - It supports your goals with any search engine. The web site content target the visitors of your website and lets them know why they should buy from you/do business with you.
. Has strategic keyword placement - We know where the best places to put keywords, as we are experts in keyword analysis. We will optimize each page for maximum results.
. Is the optimal length - SEO website content should be appropriate according to your company services in order to do its best work. Whether your web site is devoted to selling one product or an entire shopping cart full of products, we can create copy that is just right for you.

.  Submissions every year:

WEB MATRIX after optimizing your website, submits it to all search engines and directories for top search engine placement every month. We review your website and content monthly before submission. If search engine changes their criteria, we will re-work to match those new requirements. If new search engines are found they are added to our current database.

Following are features of our search engine optimization through which Customers will get

. Free Search Engine Submission report on completion of submissions
. Monthly or quarterly re-submission to maintain listings (optional)
. Search Engine Optimisation/submission reports on request
. Expert's free advice on Search Engine Submission
. Free Search Engine Submission readiness inspection prior to any submissions
. Free HTML & META Tag check of your source code prior to submission
. Free inspection & possible correction of Title, Description, and Keywords
. Search engine submission confirmations & verifications
. Expert manual submission to the DMOZ (Open Directory Project)